Download Java

How to Download and install Java

We should first start by defining what java is. Java can be defined as a programming language & a computing platform, which was first released by Sun Microsystems back in 1995. Initially Java was known as OAK and was specifically designed to be used by set-top boxes and handheld devices. However OAK performed poorly in the market and in 1995 Sun decided to call it Java and did some modifications, to capitalize on the ever fast growing World Wide Web.

Most people never appreciate the importance of Java in their lives. It is because of Java that you are able to chat with other people online, play games online, view pictures in 3D and many other functions. Java is very similar to C++ in the sense that they both are object-oriented language, but the major difference is brought about with the fact that Java eliminates some language features which are the common cause of some programming errors.

The following are the steps for getting the Java Download:

1. Java can be obtained freely from website where the java download is available for free. Although there are other numerous sites from which you can download java, the official website for downloading Java is the official Sun website where you can find the java download. The site is as shown in the screen shot below:

2. When you visit that site click on the “Free Java Download” icon. The next Java download web page will ask you if you agree that you have understood the terms in the user license agreement. As shown below:

3. After clicking on the above icon, a Java installation file will pop up, asking you if you want to begin the java download. To kick start this process, click on “Save File” and Java will download to your system.

4. After completing the download, run the installation file thus enabling it to execute the download of the rest of the setup files to install full Java software in your computer. After this process is successfully complete, you will have downloaded a fully functioning Java application to your computer.

JavaScript Download and Installation

You should take not that JavaScript is not part of the Java platform. JavaScript programming language was developed by Netscape Inc. It doesn’t create stand-alone application and applets. It is currently more popular within HTML documents and gives the web pages an advanced interactivity level which can’t be realized in a simple HTML.

To install JavaScript in your system, you need to visit a section of meant for JavaScript Download which is, You will see the screen shot given below:

If you still find it hard to differentiate between Java and JavaScript, listed below are some of the fundamental difference between the two:

1. JavaScript can be defined as an OPP scripting language while Java is defined as an OPP programming language.

2. Java is used to create applications which run in virtual machine or a web browser while JavaScript code can only be run on a browser.

3. Java Code is actually compiled while JavaScript code consists of pure text.

4. Java and JavaScript use different plug-ins.